Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ava's Quilt

Yesterday I finished piecing together the top of Ava's quilt.  I was very disappointed with my results.  All my corners were not meeting up with each other.  I realized my error was in my sewing and not my cutting but I was not about to rip apart the entire quilt to restitch all the squares.  I laid the quilt out on the floor to take a look at it when Ava came rushing over and laid down on it saying, "Ahhhhhh," while rubbing her hands across the fabric.  She laid there for a good 10 minutes pointing to all the different squares and saying something important but what I'm not sure! 

That's when I realized it's ok that it's not perfect.
Ava is going to love it even if the corners of each square don't match up perfectly.  She's going to know that her mom loved her so much she *attempted* to make her something special. 

Now on to the quilt sandwich and the binding.  Both of which I have never done before and I'm sure won't be perfect either...and that's ok.


  1. It looks good from here! I had the same problem with my Christmas quilt top, but we'll get it with time. I'm still working on putting together my series of posts, so I hope they'll be able to help you a little bit! Ava's a lucky little girl! :)