Monday, March 29, 2010


I have been so anxious to start quilting Ava's little throw.  The backing fabric arrived in the mail and I was waiting for the chance to get it all together.  While Ava was napping yesterday, I made my quilt sandwich using my cute little curved basting pins and had everything ready for the quilt-a-thon to begin.  I got my machine equipped with the proper thread, foot, and extended table.  I made my little trial sandwich and practiced my wavy pattern I want to use.  I got the thread tension issue worked out on my sample and was feeling really good about myself.  The key word being was...

I stink!  Working with a larger piece of fabric and manuvering that massive amount through the machine was a joke.  I have read countless tutorials on how to do this.  I would stitch about 10 inches and then check it.  It was horrid.  My little practice piece was so good.  What in the world am I doing wrong???  I tried about 4 different times but sitting and ripping out stitches was making my neck stiff.  Not to mention, I was super frustrated.  For now, I'm walking away for at least a full day. 

To make myself feel better, I made Ava a few yo-yo flower hair clips that are simple, fast, and instant gratification.  I feel better but every time I walk past the quilt I mumble at it.  Maybe I'll just wake up tomorrow and the quilt fairy will have gifted me with her knowledge and skills...I hope.

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  1. Ooh, I feel your pain big time on the quilting debacle. While I'm sure you're being too hard on yourself, I'm unable to dispense any valid advice. In fact, I'm downright unqualified to even be using the "Q" word. I will now cease and desist.