Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Banner

I love decorating for the holidays and now that we have a kiddo it makes it even more fun to go all out. 

I wanted to make a banner to hang on our mantel, so I started with my monsterous pile of scrapbook paper in my closet.  I have a weakness for all things with crafty cuteness such as paper, fabric, fonts, etc.  I cut out 12 4x4 squares of various papers that coordinate.  I used my corner round punch to make them a little softer.  I then typed out "Happy Easter" on my computer in Word using this adorable free Kwekel font from Free Scrapbook Fonts.  It's a good block type font with a little pizazz.  The little chick clip art came from Discovery Education which I used a lot as a teacher.  I then cut each letter into a 3x3 square, rounded the corners and used double sided tape to afix the letters to the paper.  Hole punch each corner and pick out a ribbon to tie them together.  Ta-da!  You have a great springy banner to hang from your mantel, across a doorway or even a window.  Super cute, cheap, and adds a little color to the room. 

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