Friday, March 26, 2010

Meet Simon

Here's the newest addition to our family, Simon.  We adopted him on Saturday from the local Humane Society.  Boy is he a cutie!

Last Friday, Steve surprised me for my birthday saying we would get another rabbit.  I had been dropping hints since Sweet Pea died but Steve did not seem interested.  Little did I know he had been doing research to find out more about a certain breed I had mentioned.  I had seen a few pictures of Lionhead Rabbits and thought they were adorable, so that's what Steve went looking for.  He talked to breeders and found out all about them.  I was thrilled.  I also couldn't wait to find one.  I'm very impatient that way.  I got online and saw that some were being adopted out on Saturday at a local Petsmart.  Needless to say we were there the next day.  Unfortunately, they did not have any but mentioned that the Humane Society got in a litter of Lionheads not long ago.  Off we went to check out the bunnies.  We had a tough decision because all three of the little guys were adorable.  Something about Simon was unique and different...other than his rad hair.  He was super sweet and outgoing.  Perfect for Miss Ava.  We couldn't pick him up until Thursday because he had to have his little boy parts fixed.  He was worth the wait though! 

We've had him for a little over a day now and he and Ava are the best of friends.  Ava keeps trying to give him books and other random toys.  Simon is going with it quite well.  Having a pet makes our house feel more homey.  Thanks for the awesome birthday present, hon!  I'm super glad we were able to adopt, too. 


  1. I cannot even tell you envious I am right now. I've been begging my husband for a house rabbit and he is up and down against it. Mind you, he's 99.9% agreeable to about every wacky idea I have, but his foot is down pretty firm on this one.

    Simon is a cutie!

  2. How cute! Simon has a very good home!