Monday, November 8, 2010

Etsy Finds: Stocking Stuffers

~Set of 8 Rocket Ship Crayons~
$8.95 from Crayon Couture

 ~Fairy Holiday Bendy Doll~

~Dino Soap~
$2.75 a piece from Soapsations

~Dragonfly Rubber Stamp~
$3.50 from Norajane

~Princess Crayon Wallet~
$10 from Gifts 2 Give

~Mini I Spy Bag~

It's that time of year folks and I'm super excited. SHOPPING! SHOPPING! SHOPPING!  I know some people hate the crowds and hustle and bustle but I actually enjoy it.  I love hunting down the perfect gifts for friends and family.  I make a list throughout the year of things people mention and then start planning what to buy.  This minimizes my stress and lets me enjoy the holiday season a lot more.

I thought I would share a few of the things on my list for Ava's stocking this year.  The Mini I Spy bag is a definite for her.  She is going to love this and it will occupy her time and her busy little hands.  We already own a couple of the bendy dolls but her holiday dolls are just so cute I might have to splurge and get Ava another one as well.  She adores all things crafty and the little stamps would be perfect for her too.  You could even hit up the $1 bin at Michael's and put together a cheap stamp kit for your little ones.  

So what is going in your little one's stocking?  I love to get some new ideas.

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  1. I actually just started thinking of what to do for the stockings, especially since the Gravy Kids are getting more and more into the holiday. A good friend of mine makes crayon rolls and I've found that you can never have too many!