Monday, November 1, 2010

"Arrrrggg, Mickey"

Steve took the day off today and we are all still in our jammies.  Great way to spend the day after Halloween if you ask me!  Halloween was busy and fun.  Carter (aka: Elmo) and Ava ran around the yard to get pumped up for trick-or-treating.  When we finally headed out with the wagon, she gave the first 2 houses we went to candy out of her bucket not yet understanding that they were going give her candy.  Little Elmo did the same thing.  So cute!  Our little pirate went around saying, "Arrgg, Mickey" all night no matter how many times we said it should be matey.  When we got home the two littles ran around the house on their little sugar rushes.  Overall, a very successful Halloween with friends and family.  

PS:  Simon (the bun) wouldn't go near his costume and was not at all happy about me putting his ears through the hat.  Hopefully I'll have better luck next year.  

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