Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Reason #3462

There are plenty of reasons why my mom is so loved.  This is one of those small things that she does that means so much to me.  The latest came in the form of a gift she found for the "baby bruder" that will be here before we know it.   

This is Bear.  She is rather scraggly and matted from being loved and washed so much.  She gets dragged all over the house, attends several tea parties a day and helps with puzzles and other difficult tasks throughout the day.  Occasionally Ava sneaks her into the car for a little ride with us too.  Bear lovingly gets hugged and sometimes dries tears and the occasional snotty nose by accident.  She was given to us by a friend before she was born.  To say that Ava loves her is an understatement.  Here's where my mom comes into the picture.

This is our newest Bear.  My mom managed to find a blue Bear especially for our little arriving in February.  I don't know how almost 3 years later she found a boy version of Ava's most favorite possession but she did.  I'm sure our little man will love him as much as Ava loves hers.  Ava kept trying to steal him off the counter so I resorted to hiding him in our closet so he stays fluffy and nice until February.  Thanks Mom!!

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