Monday, November 22, 2010

The Gift of Reading

Being a self professed book junkie has been passed along to Ava.  We read at least 15 books a day and that's on a low day.  Last Christmas season I saw this idea on someone's blog and decided to do something similar for Ava this Christmas.  I wish I could remember whose blog I borrowed this from to give them credit but I didn't write it down.

On December 1st when Ella the Elf comes to stay at our house until Christmas, she will not show up empty handed.  She will bring with her a basket full of wrapped books. Each night before Ava goes to bed she will get to pick a book to unwrap and read together.  Now I realize that most normal people don't have 25 Christmas books at home but being a former 2nd and 4th grade teacher and ordering Scholastic books a lot means that I have just enough.  If you wanted to do this on a smaller scale with library books it wouldn't cost you a thing other than the wrapping paper.  My plan is to do this every year with the same books.  I don't think the kiddos will get sick of the books because they only come out once a year.  What better gift to give your kids than getting excited about reading.

On a side note, I'm making Ella the Elf this year for Ava.  I will be sure to post some pics of the little darling when I've finished making her.  Fingers crossed she turns out cute.  In my head she's adorable but we'll see how it translates from my head into fabric and felt!

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