Thursday, October 15, 2009

All Too Quiet

I was cleaning the hall bathroom today when I noticed I didn't have Ava glued to my side as usual. I stopped what I was doing and listened. I didn't hear a thing which is very unusual for my child because she has the tendency to chatter to me, her animals, Sweet Pea, and even herself at times. I went into slight panic mode because it is never good when it is too quiet. There were only 2 places for her to be and that was the playroom/TV room right outside the bathroom I was cleaning or her room which is also right next to the bathroom. The rest of the house was blocked off to her. I darted out of the bathroom and didn't see her in the playroom, so I was in her room in about 3 giant steps. I rounded the corner to see her sitting in her little butterfly chair reading a book. A book! My heart had stopped for a few seconds over a book! She casually looked up at me with a look like, "Calm down, Mom. Where's the fire?" She continued to point and read and turn pages. My daughter the little bookworm!

I can't say I'm surprised though because I have always had a love for books. When I was younger I would head to the store with my allowance and buy whatever book sounded good to me. I was the teenager who bought books with her allowance instead of worrying about clothes. My middle school and high school years were not pretty...AT ALL! Good thing there weren't digital cameras in those days otherwise there would be all too many pictures to destroy! I'm glad to pass down a love to books to Ava. I just hope she keeps it up!

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