Monday, October 26, 2009


I've been feeling under the weather since Friday but I'm determined not to get sick. My husband says I'm sick but I'm choosing not to agree. We had plans to visit Thies' Pumpkinland on Saturday with my niece and dad, and I did not want to miss that. I loaded up on DayQuil, dressed warmly and headed out for lots of pumpkin fun. Pumpkinland did not disappoint! Lexi who's 7, had a blast. There were so many things for her to do and climb and wonder through. There was a hay pirate ship with buried treasure, a tower of terror, slides, mazes, zip lines and a ton more. They never had stuff like this when I was her age. Ava had a great time too. There were mini tractors throughout the area and she got the biggest kick out of pushing them all around. There were pigs, goats, and lamas. Animals are always a crowd pleaser in our house. Lexi decorated a pumpkin, too. We will be making Theis' Pumpkinland a yearly event for sure. We bought 3 decent sized pumpkins for about 12 bucks which seemed good to me. The girls loved it and so did the 3 adults. Only down side was my dad and I wanted coffee and there was none to be found. I would have settled for hot cider but they didn't have that either...bummer. Overall, Saturday was a very successful day and that was just the first half. I'll tell you all about the gooey ghosts and pumpkin carving that happened later in the day in a later post. For now, I have to go wrangle my little pumpkin into taking a nap. Wish me luck!

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