Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Traditions

When the leaves start turning and the weather turns chilly, we always head over to Illinois to Eckert's to pick our own apples. The tradition started with my niece, Lexi, who is now 7. Every year we would take her to pick apples. Now that we have our own little one the tradition continues with her too. Last year Ava went with us but she was only 2 months old. I actually had to nurse her in the orchard last year. Not the ideal situation! I had to trek over several row of apples to find some privacy. Looking back I can't believe that I took her there so young! I must have felt really brave that day. This year was a lot more fun for me because Ava could walk around and pick up apples herself. She really enjoyed eating the apples. I taught her one sign as a baby and that was the sign for *more*. I didn't want her grunting or whining or yelling for more of something so instead she does the sign. In the orchard, whenever someone eating an apple was out of site she would do the more sign so that someone would give her more apple. Of course everyone was more that happy to give her more apple. She even weaseled some funnel cake out of us. It really was quite cute. I can only imagine that each year we go will be more and more fun for Ava (and us too)!

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