Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Christmas on the Brain

I keep a list of all my family members on my computer and throughout the year when I think of something that would be great for a Christmas gift I jump on my computer and add to my list. I've never really put anything in stockings before. Now that we have Ava, I feel the need to fill her little stocking with small goodies she will love. She's at the age where she loves to draw, write, and color...on everything! Thank goodness so far that has only applied to paper goods. All my lists, magazines, coupons, etc. now have Ava's "signature" on them. It's really quite cute but I do get some odd looks from people at Target when my coupons are scribbled on. Anyway, I have been looking for something to throw in my purse or diaper bag that will keep her busy when we are out at restaurants, doctors appts, and anywhere else she might have to sit for bit. That's when I stumbled across these gals at Pink Gasoline. I love the design of this crayon roll. I have seen others similar to this but in order to close them you have to tie a ribbon. This has a button closure that when Ava gets a little bigger she will be able to do herself. I already bought her a little Sesame Street coloring book for her stocking that fits perfectly in my mini diaper bag so now my little lady will be ready to create her masterpieces!

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