Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shaved Ice in October

We have been soaking up the warmer weather here in the STL. Yesterday was in the mid 70s and today and tomorrow seem to be the same too! It's been great and the whole neighborhood has been out and about.

We were sitting at the dinner table last night when we heard very loud tropical music being blared from somewhere. We had the windows open, so it was hard to ignore. We were nearing the end of dinner, just chatting and laughing at our goofball daughter. Steve all of a sudden says, "It's the ice cream man!" Well that was it. Dinner was over, and he was rushing around trying to find Ava's shoes to take her outside to get ice cream. Well, it wasn't the ice cream man after all! It was the shaved ice man. Big diff you know! I cleared the table of all the dinner remnants and then grabbed the camera and headed outside. How often to you eat freezing cold shaved ice at the end of October? Ava was in love. She already had a super full tummy from dinner but she managed to make room for her new love, shaved ice. The little piggy couldn't open her mouth wide enough and then half of it ended up running down her chin and onto her shirt. She and her daddy enjoyed the small reminder of summer. I enjoyed watching the two of them too.

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