Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Little Dippy

That's my daughter covered up to her eyeballs in yogurt. She's obsessed with dipping her food into anything she can find. It started with syrup. I know...I'm a bad mommy but she likes eating whole wheat waffles and one day I gave her about a quarter size of syrup and she loved it. I actually think she was more interested in the act of dipping than the syrup itself. She was so enthusiastic about the dipping that I thought she would like to try other things as well. She likes to dip chicken in BBQ sauce and her fave is yogurt. She gets so excited about dipping her fruit in yogurt that she shoves her entire fist in her mouth! She's not a picky kid at all. In fact, the only thing I have found she will not eat are eggs. She loves avocado, black olives, even fish. I only give her things to dip every so often so she doesn't think she has to dip her food. Right now it's just a hoot to watch her turn herself into a mess and love eating her food while she's doing it. Her latest phrase is "all done." Picture her saying this quite loudly and then nodding her head when she says done. Here's my best Ava impression. It goes something like this, "AAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL DONE!" And to top it all off she thinks she's funny too. This kid is definitely more than a little dippy, and I love every bit of it!!

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